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Soft Skills Training

Program Details

What is Soft Skills Program?

Well-rounded, highly developed soft skills can be invaluable to business success. Many people are adequate or even exemplary with some skills yet struggle with others. For instance, you may have excellent communication and teamwork abilities but struggle with time management or crack under pressure. Soft skill training help you to master areas that prohibit you from giving your best.

Program Objectives

At Protouch we develop customized training programs to solve organization specific issues that prevent them from achieving their best. We strongly believe that all kind of soft skills root back to good understanding of one’s emotions and hence our training programs are designed to help one in working on themselves from inside out. Emotional intelligence is important to every level of an organization, and thus everyone from computer programmers to executive management can benefit from employing soft skills in the workplace. Generally, soft skills refer to interpersonal communication skills such as connection-building and empathy, self-awareness in handling constructive feedback, self-regulation in controlling their emotions and reactions in stressful situations, and resilience and self-motivation in the face of change, obstacles, and failure.

In hard economic times, any soft skill training offered might be the first cut made, with technical skill training taking precedence. However, there are ways to make a smarter investment when considering soft skills training for a workforce.

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