Certificate Programme in Business Analytics For Managers.

This programme comprises solutions used to build analysis models and simulations to create scenarios, understand realities, predict future states, and make intelligent choices. Managers who have Analytical Skills and an understanding of business contexts will be the ones that will add the most value and have the most significant impact and hence most desired.

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Programme Objective

Enhancing managerial decision making capability by analysis of data and helping organisation with smarter choices.

4 International certifications in One Programme

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Certificate Programme in Business Analytics For Managers

Module 1:

  • Business Analytics Overview
  • Evolution of Business Analytics
  • Understanding Business Problem
  • Data Driven Decision process
  • Business Analytics Modelling

Module 2:

  • Statistics Overview: Descriptive Analytics
  • Basic Terminologies in Statistics (Central tendency, variability and shape)
  • Sampling Methods
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Module 3:

  • Inferential Analytics Techniques and selection of appropriate test for validation.
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Performing Test
  • (Correlation, T- Test, Z- Test, ANOVA)
  • Evaluation and Conclusion

Module 4:

  • Feature Engineering
  • Linear Regression Modelling in Excel
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Simulation
  • Break Even Analysis


  • Prescriptive Analytics with Low Uncertainty
  • Decision Modelling
  • Building an Optimization Model

Module 6:

  • Prescriptive Analytics with High Uncertainty
  • Comparing Decisions in Uncertain Settings
  • Decision Trees for Decision Modelling

PG Programme In Data Science And Business Analytics

Module 1:
Advanced Excel

  • Data Validation and Management
  • Functions & Formulae
  • What if Analysis and its applications
  • Advance Features in Pivot Tables
  • Data Tables Creating dashboards and Visualization
  • Advanced Tips and Tricks

Module 2:
Statistics and Mathematics

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Inferential statistics
  • Probability distributions
  • Parametric & Non- Parametric
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Basics of algebra
  • Matrices and determinants
  • Basics of calculus

Module 3:
Relational Databases and SQL

  • Usage of SQL and NoSQL databases in Data Science
  • Working with SQL tables
  • Basic and Advanced Queries
  • Aggregating and Grouping Data with SQL
  • Joins in SQL
  • Introduction to NoSQL

Module 4: Programming in Python

  • Data types, Expressions & Control Structures
  • Functions & Formulae
  • Lists and Other Sequences
  • File Handling
  • Important Libraries (Numpy, Pandas etc.)
  • Visualization using inbuilt libraries
  • Reguar Expressions

Module 5: Programming in R

  • Data Types and Data Structures
  • Loops, Conditions and functions
  • Data wrangling using dplyr
  • Working with Tidyverse
  • Data visualization using ggplot

Module 6:
Modeling and ML

  • The essence of modeling, ML and AI
  • Modeling for Regression, Classification and Clustering
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Dimension Reduction algorithms
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Implementation of machine learning
  • Measuring and Evaluating Model Performance
  • Solving Business Problems with the right models and techniques

Module 7: Visualization and Story Telling

  • Introduction to visualization Art of storytelling
  • Building compelling visualization
  • Importance of the right graphics and colors
  • Deep Dive into Tableau
  • Building dashboards and creating stories using Tableau
  • Working with Power Point Presentation for Executives

Module 8: Capstone Project

  • Solving a real business problem with all the skills attained
  • Learing how to implement the solution in production
  • Learning the art of prescriptive analytics
  • Story telling and presentation skills

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Certificate Programme in Business Analytics For Managers

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"This institute is very good for your career growth as you want to make a great career. I found the trainers and the staff is very supportive and experienced and absolutely focused on making student`s career, which is the biggest reason of making it best institute."
Parkash Thapa
"If I could recommend best institute, I would definitely go for Protouch. I would say the pedagogy, the environment, the placement support all work in perfect sync to groom the student for future and make them industry ready."
Anand Pandey
HR Manager
"Protouch will be a great option for you if you want to strengthen your concepts while also having practical learning opportunities.The teachers are very helpful and always ready to guide. Their approach to teaching helps you understand when and how the concepts would be used. A flexible and friendly learning environment that motivates you to improve irrespective of what knowledge you start with."
Adiba Ahmed
"Protouch is one of the quality learning institute, where you will not just clear your basics but also learn how those basics will play a big role in job profile. Instructors explain things more in actual scenario rather then just bookish knowledge. Frequent seminars on different topics like- POSH, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Branding make you more confident with professional culture."
Anand Pandey
HR Manager
Business Analytics Certification Courses

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It is an ISO 9000:2015 certified HR Generalist Certificate Programme that comprehensively covering all aspects of HR through practical training approach and makes your placement ready. We provide lifetime placement support to all our participants.

It is a 90 hours course. You can do it at standard pace over a period of approximately 3 months (3 hours class conducted twice a week) or 3 weeks fast pace (6 hours class conducted 5 times a week).

Minimum eligibility for the course is final year graduation.

No, there is no exam before admission. All admissions are based on personal interview. For admission we need one ID proof and 2 passport size photos.

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Yes, you can choose modules according to your learning need.

No. Companies are looking for HR competencies, so if you are graduate and done practical training, you have good chance of getting job in HR.

Yes, We provide classroom as well as live online training.

Online classes are live sessions.

We encourage our learners to attend the live classes. Recorded session will be provided in case of a genuine request.

Our classes are of 3 hours and conducted twice a week. Please speak to our career advisor for exact days and time of current batch.

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No. However in case of extraordinary circumstances, this can be discussed on case to case basis.

No. However in case of extraordinary circumstances, this can be discussed on case to case basis.

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All our trainers are experience HR professions from various industries.

This is an ISO 9000:2015 certified course and you can check the ISO certificate awarded to Protouch on our website.

No. There is no expiry date to this certificate.

You will get 1 combined certificate for the modules you opted for. In addition, you will get 2-3 certificates for paid workshops (available to our learners at nominal cost) attended during the course.

Yes, we do provide paid workshops from time to time that are available to our leaners at a nominal cost

Certificate will be sent to you via courier.

Yes. You have to give exam after every module to get certified as HR Generalist. Your grade will be mentioned on your certificate.

Each batch consists of maximum of 10 learners. We only provide training in batch.

You can request for additional time with your trainer for clearing doubts, however no backup class is provided if you miss any class. You can attend the same class in the next batch.

Yes. Doubt clearing session is provided at the end of every module.

Usually new batch starts every month. Please speak to our advisor for availability in the upcoming batch.

Our all the learners are placed in good companies and our placement record so far is near 100%. However, we do not guarantee placements. We have over 100 companies where our learners are placed.

No. we do not provide internships. However, if we receive any internship opportunity from any company, same is available to all learners to apply.

Yes. You can get placement as per your location. Choice of Industry depends on the opportunities we receive from time to time. You can choose to apply to your preferred industries.

Salary offered will depend on your qualification and experience. Salary will be negotiated between you and your employer at the time of interview. However, we will give to indication of the offered salary range when we provide you with opportunities.

You can start apply for the opportunities in your final module subject to clearance of your full course fee.

We provide you with tips and guidance on your resume and interview preparation.

We cover all aspects of HR in the course; hence you can go in any of the roles within HR function like payroll, recruitment, talent management, HRBP, SHRM etc. depending on the competencies and availability of roles.

There is no upper limit on number of opportunities. All opportunities that we receive from companies are shared to all existing and past learners of Protouch.

We provide placement support even after you get your job after getting certified from Protouch. All opportunities that we receive from companies are shared to all existing and past learners of Protouch. You are free to apply to any of the positions of your interest.

Salary offered will depend on your qualification and experience. Salary will be negotiated between you and your employer at the time of interview. However, we will give to indication of the offered salary range when we provide you with opportunities.

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