Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

Are you Emotionally Intelligent?
    Disha Hariyani
    Soft Skills Trainer

    In this demanding world, where knowing more is less, being emotionally intelligent is one of the most indispensable skills. It is a skill that helps you to understand and manage interpersonal relationships. It includes an individual’s ability to comprehend and act on the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of other people.

    Have you ever wondered why some people can build their rapport more effortlessly than others? Many of us would opine that this is because of the knack they have! But the good news is it is a skill that can be acquired with the course of time and a bit of hard work and it has a lot to do with emotional intelligence.

    Attributes of Emotional intelligence-

    1. Self- Management- It helps you to manage your feelings and behaviors, most importantly it prevents you from being impulsive, manage your emotions,and adapt to changing scenarios.

    2. Self – awareness – It’s about recognizing your emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behavior .You know your strengths and weaknesses, and have self confidence.

    3. Social – awareness- Being socially aware you can understand the emotions, need and concerns of other people,it makes you socially intelligent and helps you comprehend the emotional state of others and react accordingly.

    4. Relationship management- This attribute helps you to work well in the team, resolve the conflicts, inspire and influence others and hence you feels happy and satisfied.

    Attributes of Emotional intelligence
    Why does it matter..?

    Emotional intelligence is the art of handling one’s emotions in positive ways, hence this skill enables a person to build personal and professional relationships, moreover, it also allows the individual to form friendships and alliances and it also assists a person against being taken advantage of. A person with high emotional quotient (EQ) is capable of discerning the body language of people, comprehending subtle signals, and most importantly knowing what motivates them and would react accordingly.

    Many people believe in a myth that , people with high IQ ( intelligence quotient) are the most successful in their lives but the really is people with high academic brilliance and low social intelligence are the most dissatisfied . Intellectual ability or Intelligence quotient in not enough to achieve happiness and success in life . it’s indubitable that your IQ can help you to get good grades in your academic years but it’s EQ that helps you to manage the stress and emotional turmoil during rainy days. EQ and IQ go hand in hand to lead a successful and satisfied life.

    David Goleman( American psychologist), argues that Emotional Intelligence is as important as IQ for success, both inside and out side of the work place in part due to direct correlation of emotional self-awareness and healthy stress response . Some recent researches show that EI may even more important than IQ in some instances. Now the question arises that “ How can we become emotionally intelligent?”

    Tips to enhance emotional intelligence-

    Tips to enhance emotional intelligence
    1. Practice observing how you feel- In the busy lives it’s quite possible to lose touch with our emotions, so the first tip is to understanding the mechanism of emotions, be conscious of your own unique emotional flow,be observant about your emotional reactions and the most importantly take some breaks to spend some time with yourself.

    2. Mind your Behavior- Take some time to notice your behavior too. Practicing emotional awareness is all about knowing your actions while experiencing emotional turmoil and how that affects your day-to-day life. Streamlining of emotions becomes easier once we become more aware of our reactions in various situations.

    3. Take the charge- Taking responsibility of all our emotions and behavior is one of the most crucial trait of an highly emotionally intelligent person ,it impacts lives positively which in turn leads to a confident personality.

    4. Take time to celebrate the positive- The key to emotional intelligence is to celebrate and reflect on the positive moments of life. People experience positive emotions are more
    generally resilient and more likely to have fulfilling relation ships which help them to come out of past adversity.

    5. A lifetime process- Understand and remember that emotional intelligence is some thing you develop and requires continual improvement; it’s a very much life time practice.

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