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    The only thing that we can control is our mental state or as we call it “State of Mind”. Other than that, factors beyond our control occasionally cause imbalances in our lives and at work. Our emotions are like a pendulum that swings with the changes in our lives.

    As humans, we all want to live happy lives that are, to put it mildly, being financially secure, physically well, and mentally at ease. In other words “Tan, Man, Dhan” or “Healthy, Wealthy, Wise ”

    Our greatest fear is the unknown, which is one of the reasons that death is one truth we tend to avoid.

    When we encounter an unfamiliar obstacle, our minds begin to swing like a pendulum, causing emotional imbalances and altering our daily lives or careers.

    Numerous topics, such as spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence, NLP, manifestation, quantum leap, etc., have been discussed and written about.

    State Of Mind:

    Regardless of our faith, we all acknowledge the existence of a universal energy and the existence of Heaven and Hell. To be honest, when we recite this, we don’t really believe it, which is why we don’t want to pass away.

    What would be the “State of Your Mind” if someone you knew visited from outside world testifying the existence of Heaven and Hell?

    Knowing the uncertainty probably would put you at ease, lethargic and willing to take things as they come. To avoid going to Hell, you probably would do everything that is right.

    Do you know need to worry about your health, mind, finance.? Do you know need guidance on Spiritual, Emotional Intelligence, Quantum leap, Manifestation etc probably no.

    Let’s face it, this is not going to occur since no one will go into a state of unconsciousness to bear testimony to Heaven and Hell. How therefore do we maintain our happiness?

    We now know that there are three primary factors that might disrupt someone’s mental state in life: Tan Man Dhan, Body Mind Money and they are interconnected

    1. If we or someone we know is not well, we get mentally disturbed, which affects our daily routine and our finances as well.
    2. Our mental and physical well-being are affected if our family experiences financial hardship.
    3. Our finances and health are affected when our minds are upset.Well-being of the Body and Mind

    Therefore, we must prioritize 3 areas for our overall well-being. Well-being of the Body and Mind and Financial security.

    Health: (TAN)

    Actions such as good eating habits, good amount of sleep are the simple practices which keeps one healthy. But what we lack is discipline to follow it.

    To have a better health, you need to focus on Discipline and Simple daily practices.

    To elaborate it further – Discipline is the most important aspect for a good health and to maintain discipline it should be a simple act, which can be practiced every day and enjoyed.

    Mind: (MAN)

    The ultimate way to control your mind is to keep it occupied.

    Continuous learning is the best and only way to stay young, ahead of competition and at edge of all.Continuous learning

    With today’s advancement and digitalisation, learning is simple, easy and information is quickly accessible.

    Music /Hobbies/Art/Education everything is in abundance we need to just keep practicing. Experience is no more a knowledge of the past to be shared, experience is to explore new domain the unknown world.

    Finance: (DHAN)

    It is very important to be financially independent, to stay ahead of time to save or earn for the future. Once again learning new techniques and digitalisation has made this easy. So, explore new ways and ideas which could help in increasing your capital. You need not save to be financially independent rather you need to invest and earn to be financially independent.

    To sum it up, Tan Mand Dhan, neither of this should be kept IDLE, or else it would gather moss.

    Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

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