Enhance Leadership Skills Through Interpersonal Communication

Enhance Leadership Skills Through Interpersonal Communication
    Upasana Kashyep
    Corporate and Soft Skill Trainer

    Inter-personal communication involves the information, ideas, and feelings being exchanged verbally or non-verbally between two or more people. Also exchanging information, meaning, feelings, and opinions between two or more people via verbal and non-verbal means.

    You may have heard the term “intra- personal communication” and wondered if it’s related to interpersonal communication. The words are opposites, actually. “Inter” refers to dealings between people, groups, or other entities “Intra,” on the other hand, describes actions within a person or a group.

    Interpersonal Communication
    Types of Interpersonal Communication are

    Verbal: In other words, speaking.

    Listening: it includes special techniques like reflection and clarification.

    Written Word: good written communication skills have become an asset which includes emojis, grammar, clarity, tone, and even punctuation.

    Non-Verbal: covers body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and gestures.

    Best Communication Applications and Features
    To Build Interpersonal Communication Skills

    – Practice active listening
    – Use clear and concise language
    – Be aware of nonverbal communication
    – Show empathy
    – Build rapport and be open to feedback

    7 principles of interpersonal communication are clarity, timeliness, coherence, urgency, conciseness, correctness, courteousness, and completeness.

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