With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
    Pritoria D'mello
    Corporate & Soft Skills Trainer
    What is leadership?  Is it about the leader or the ship?
    Two brief words put together to make it a powerful word – LEADERSHIP
    Leadership isn’t just about leading or taking charge but it’s about empowering people, building trust and collaboration while focusing on achieving common goals.
    Leadership is to be connecting the dots…..WHY …. HOW … WHAT leadership
    Successful leaders do things differently.
    What makes a Good Leader? 
    Think about the best leader you have known or worked with … What qualities of them Inspires you the most?
    Qualities of a good leader: 
    VISION: A good leader needs to be focused with a good vision & Innovative.
    Communication: Good listener and communicator is a pillar of leadership, as known communication is like an Oxygen to any fruitful relationship.
    Empathy: This is where Emotional Intelligence is crucial.  Being able to see and relate situations from another’s perspective thereby providing emotional support and guidance to improve one’s situation is a must require quality.
    Confident/ Courage: The ability to lead change with a dynamic style Competency in strategic planning, showcasing an enterprising attitude, Inspiring commitment, displaying original thinking and taking charge of consequences.
    Expertise/ Knowledge: You can’t lead with inadequate knowledge while taking charge hence its essential for a leader to be an expert of relevant matters.
    Availability/ Approachable: A leader knows the value of time and people hence he will make sure to be approachable and heard by his followers which builds.
    Positivity: ‘What we see is what we receive’ being positive in a negative situation should be the attitude of a Good leader. Never loosing hope in times of disappointments but accepting it as a lesson learned for future endeveours.
    Kindness: Kindness needs no explanation. If you’re Kind you’re loved and if you’re loved you’re cared for whereby your goal as a leader becomes a common Goal for you and your followers.
    Gratitude: ‘Gratitude is the act of the Noble’. It is essential for a leader to know their team, build & encourage them to achieve targets whereby giving them all the recognition & credit for a Job well done.
    Brilliant Example of a Good Leader
    A man who needs no Introduction, a man with a Vision, focus, Knowledge, Courage, Positive, an excellent communicator, Kind & approachable whose loved by the nation.
    Inspire & be someone whom people would naturally want to follow.
    The Growth & Development of people /organization is the highest calling of leadership.
    Leadership goals are the desired outcomes that a leader wishes to achieve through their actions, behaviours, and decisions.
    Goals can be personal or organizational in nature, it serves as a roadmap for the leader as they navigate the complexities of their role.
    Building a Dynamic Team/People by assisting those who lack certain skills and to motivate the ones doing good to do even better is a primary objective of any leader.
    Time Management to achieve desired results through strategic planning & implementing in a structured format is one of the main objectives of an efficient leader.
    Success – In brief, Organization/ Team or self-success is the GOAL.success
    Leadership Styles:
    1. The Cheerleader – Jack Ma 
    “I found that the more you care about your team, the team will care about you and the team will care about their customers.”
    2. The Servant Leader – Nelson Mandela
    “Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.”
    3. The Autocratic Leader – Martha Stewart 
    “Life is too complicated not to be orderly.”
    4. The Charismatic Leader – Richard Branson 
     “A good leader doesn’t get stuck behind a desk.”
    5. The Transformational Leader – Elon Musk 
     “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.”
    6. The Transactional Leader – Bill Gates 
    “If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss. He doesn’t have tenure.” This pretty much sums up Bill Gates’ leadership style.
    Take back on leadership styles:
    Leadership styles are as varied as the people leading their organisation/ followers to victory.
    Now, the question! How would you define your leadership style?  Is It ….
    • Do as I do …
    • Do as I say …
    • Follow me …
    • Consider this …
    • What do you think…?
    • People first …
    It all comes down to what style works for you and invokes the motivation and innovation of your people.
    To conclude with ….
    Yes!! A Good leader is the one who follows while leading, participative than directive, more enabling than performing, practices what he preaches because…
    ‘Actions speak louder than Words’ 

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