Leadership in Corporate World: The Role in Building a Corporate Culture

Leadership in Corporate World: The Role in Building a Corporate Culture
    Kavita Choubey
    Corporate Trainer

    Leadership is a word with many assumptions.

    – Who are Leader’s?
    – Are they born with Extraordinary power?
    – Are they empower and motivate people easily?
    – Is the skill of teaching and managing stuffs make a good leaderships?

    These are some kind of question’s about leaderships.

    The initial age of human and society set many perception’s and examples for leader’s and leadership quality.

    Great historian’s, thinker’s and many researcher’s set many perception’s & examples for leader’s and leadership qualities.

    The Great Scientist Albert Einstein Said:,

    “The leader is one who out of the clutter, brings simplicity ……Out of difficulty, opportunity.”

    French Novelist, Diplomat Jean Giraudoux Said:,

    “Only the mediocre die at their best, real leaders are always improving and raising their bar on how superbly they can perform and how quickly they can move.”

    Leadership is not a skill, it’s a quality. Leader’s brings best out of good. Leader’s are not only for guiding or managing others, but they include themselves as a part of team. The leader also inspire and drive individuals and their team or organization towards goal and success.

    Leadership in Corporate World
    Once APJ Kalam Has Said:,

    “A leader must have vision, Adaptability, integrity, good communication skill. Strategic thinking.”

    Leader have the capability to motivate their team, they must be decisive, able to make though decisions in a timely manner, even in the uncertainty. leader with good emotional intelligence adept at understanding and managing their own emotions as well as others.

    The demonstrate Empathy these are same key’s aspects of effective leadership.

    Leadership in corporate world are involves a range of skills and qualities. That enable and inspire managers, supervisions and employees with a growth mentality, it set goals, integral to the corporate culture that encourage innovation and avoid stagnancy and complacency.

    In the world of corporate the leadership doesn’t just focus on financial and business strategies, overseeing personnel crafting, core values, statement’s or issuing directives for employees at every level but corporate leadership steers a company or organization thought day to day choppy seas and navigations to ward the future yet.

    The US Executive and television broadcasting company the wasting house chairman Donald McGannon Said:,

    “Leadership is an actions not a position.”

    Difference Between Manager’s and Leaders:-

    1. Are every leaders are managers.
    2. Are every managers are leader.

    This is a complex question about corporate leadership. But in search of this answer I found that leadership is an art, a leader can be a good manager but its not necessary that every manager is a good leader also.

    Leadership:- Innovative, develop Inspire, visionary, do right thing’s.

    Managers:- Administer maintain, control, short team view do things right


    Types of Leadership:-

    There are some kind or type of leadership style.

    1. Autocratic:- In this style leader are very focused on command like army.

    2. Transactional:- In this style leader are focused on the exchange of skills, resources, or effects, knowledge between leaders and subordinates.

    3. Democratic:- This type of leadership is every open for
    conversation and help their employees to set goals, evaluate their performance and motivate them to grow. Its also called shared leadership.

    4. Transformational Leadership:- In this style of leadership leaders adopt to create a compelling vision, communicate it effectively and engage their teams on an emotional level. The best example of this style of leadership is “Mahatma Gandhi.”

    5. Laissez Faire Leadership:- This kind of leadership like let-it-be. Leadership responsibilities are shared by all. It can be very useful in business.

    Leadership in Corporate Dependent on Various Factor:-

    1. Risk:- Decision making and change initiatives based on degree of risk involved.

    2. Type of Business:- Creative business or supply driven change for change’s if its important.

    3. Organisational Culture:- May be long embedded and difficult to change

    4. Nature of the Task:- It is very important to find the nature of task. Wherever its needing Cooperation? Direction? Or structure.

    The role of corporate leadership in building the corporate culture is very important . Its is fact that every employees impact’s an organizations direction, but the leadership has by far the largest and most direct effect on company culture. It revolves around employees engagement, environment, and the success of the company and its client. Leadership cultivate the foundation of culture to empower employees to achieve the company mission. They can see mistakes. The leaders in corporate a Drives results and boost employees engagement. Moral of the story is that leadership in corporate world must have the power, the vision or the motivation to improve their team or organization to achieve, The desired goal or
    mission .

    ‘James MacGregor Burns’ about leadership:-
    “Leadership is one of the…..
    Least understood phenomena on earth”

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