10 Simple Steps to Deliver Effective POSH Training

10 Simple Steps to Deliver Effective POSH Training
Dr. Aparna Sethi
Corporate Trainer and Author

Prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace Act 2013 makes it mandatory to conduct employee sensitization training in organizations. It is observed that the following two thoughts hinder management from conducting POSH training:

  1. The training may create a fearful environment for male employees.
  2. Female employees may misuse it

Conducting POSH training requires different efforts than conducting other training programs. You may find the following tips effective, especially if you are an outsourced trainer :

  1. Understand the company culture
  2. Go through the diversity and inclusion strategic plan
  3. Get insights on employee demographics.
  4. Know the challenges company is facing concerning employee behaviour
  5. Seek clarity on business, workflow, kinds of customer, vendors and suppliers
  6. Do not forget to read the sexual harassment-related policy
  7. It’s important to know who are the Internal Committee (IC), members.
  8. Be aware of the Internal Committee (IC) members structure.
  9. Be aware of any standard email id company is using for POSH related complaints.
  10. Do get insights from management the lesson which they want to give at the end.

Though the POSH act remains the same, what makes the difference is the delivery. Many are still not very open and comfortable to talk about sexual harassment openly. A trainer must understand the participants though the process and their social environment. It helps in framing the examples and which result in connecting with audiences effectively.

The steps mentioned above can help trainers design the POSH training content effectively and management/ HR heads to brief the trainer. In the end, POSH act talks about to do and dot’s at the workplace. It is most important to focus on changing participants’ mindset the way to look at each gender than only POSH.

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