Everything You Should Know About Becoming a POSH Trainer with Posh Certification

Everything You Should Know About Becoming a POSH Trainer with Posh Certification
Dr. Aparna Sethi
Corporate Trainer and Author

To combat such nerve-wracking situations, POSH training courses along with posh certification are available.

What is POSH training? Have you ever come across the term before? POSH, in the literal sense, stands for ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment.’ Don’t you think it’s totally relevant to educate employees on preventing sexual harassment in the world we live in? Besides, the right to dignity at work and protection from sexual harassment is universally recognized as human rights. Well, POSH corporate training courses will help you become a pro POSH trainer so you can train individuals and make them aware of the importance of POSH training.

If you are interested in making your career as a POSH trainer and educating individuals on the importance of the matter, we will guide you through it!

What Does POSH Mean?

POSH or Prevention of Sexual Harassment law aims to empower women and provide them with a secure environment to work in. Many women have been granted justice thanks to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act. However, due to a lack of information and awareness about the act, the organization fails to set up or file a proper POSH complaint. To combat such nerve-wracking situations, POSH training courses along with posh certification are available. This way, you can train individuals who can further train employees in the art of handling complex situations like sexual harassment.

Responsibilities as a POSH Trainer

When you sign up for online posh certification courses, you will be trained on various  responsibilities –

    Reviewing policy and developing them. Developing POSH awareness in training for organizations and employees.

    Deliver employees a comprehensive and structured online POSH program

    Helping organizations maintain a structured POSH related compliance

    Responsibilities of internal and external member

    Helping organizations form a internal complaint committee

    Training internal committee members  

Career as a POSH Trainer

Organizations today have realized the inevitable demand of training employees about sexual harassment, especially for female workers. The need to incorporate training for POSH has been on the rise. Today, you can start conducting training session as a freelance trainer. You can work as a internal or external POSH committee member.  Here are some sectors you can work in and make a career as a POSH trainer –

    Media companies

    Heavy industries

    Construction sites

    Legal and financial firms

    Government sectors

    Multi-National Companies




Skills Required as A POSH Trainer

At the end of your posh certification course, you must possess the following skills –

    Art of delivering sensitive POSH trainings

    How to design effective training program

    How to handle audiences 

Certification Program

For Training the Trainers (TTT), Pro Touch has for you a comprehensive program that will certify you as a POSH Trainer. Conducting over 100+ TTT programs, Pro Touch has become an experienced organization. If you are looking for online posh certification courses, there is no other place you’d rather want to be.

Online Posh Certification

Objectives of the program –

Upon completing your POSH Training program, you will be able to –

    Conduct employee awareness training

    Become a IC external member as mentioned in the POSH act


The POSH training the trainers’ program usually is conducted keeping 4 modules in check –

    Module 1- Social Impact

    Module 2- POSH Act

    Module 3- IC Capacity Building

    Module 4 – Training Delivery

Duration and Mode

The duration of the course usually lasts 15 hours and is conducted in online mode.

 Advantages of Becoming a POSH Trainer

If you are wondering whether you should or should not be a POSH Trainer, we have enlisted a few convincing advantages for you –

    POSH training is mandatory in most organizations. Working as a POSH trainer can be a boom to your career. 

   In a world where assaults are rising, there is a dire need to spread awareness. Especially for women, workplaces are a place for chances of harassment. 

 Every organization today wants to create inclusive and dignified workplace. Implementation of POSH is the one of the best ways of doing it is to build a better reputation in the industry. 


In the ultimate analysis, it can be said that POSH training is an inevitable duty that every organization or corporate company should fulfill. With the inevitability of POSH training come the safety of the employees and the reputation of the firm. Therefore, enroll yourself in the best TTT course to become a top-notch POSH trainer. Pro Touch Pro can help you in your journey of becoming a certified trainer.

Pro Touch is an experienced and certified organization generating tailor-made solutions with one-on-one coaching. They also provide posh certification at the completion of the course. This certificate validates your effectiveness and professionalism as a trainer. If you wish to be a part of the POSH trainers’ team, you can contact Pro Touch Pro for their programs.

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