Corporate Training: The Right Investment

Corporate Training: The Right Investment
Inesha Aggarwal
Corporate Trainer || Facilitator || Soft skill trainer || SHRM, CPD, HRCI certified from Protouch || HR Generalist ||

Corporate training, the right investment can help turn young professionals into tomorrow’s top leaders!

Earlier times considered employees as just workers of the organization but Philip Kotler changed the way and made corporates realize that employees are the assets of the organization. They are critical to the organization’s success and growth in the market. You can not survive let alone win in the competitive and always changing industry, if you do not realize the importance of your employees. It is important to take care and inculcate the sense of belongingness in their employees for them to increase and enhance their performance. 

Now, with changing times, role and contribution of employees have evolved more. Organization does not have to look after their employee’s wellness but also invest in them. One has to sow the seeds of right skill sets, water them with training and development to yield the flowers of productivity and growth. Employees growth is directly linked with organization’s growth. The vitality of the times says to keep oneself updated with the recent trends and continuously evolve. No one is perfect but your work needs to be. You can not be born with all the skills but sure can learn them.

Corporate Training

Corporates are seeking people who are great learners and full of zeal. They want people who can do work efficiently and effectively. They are now investing a lot in their employees in terms of their training and development for them to contribute to the company’s growth and development. Organizations are seeking corporate trainers who can assist them by enhancing their employees with needed trainings. The trainings can be related to any process/procedures or ‘must-haves’ which are the soft skills/inter personal trainings. Corporate training is no more considered as an expense or a cash outflow but an investment on the assets of the organization. It is needed at all levels, be it entry levels, high pots or leadership executives. 

Corporate training has many said and unsaid benefits-

  1. It leads to the growth and development of employees, thus leading to organization’s growth
  2. It enhances employee’s skills and leads to increased productivity
  3. It creates and enhances employee’s esteem 
  4. It helps in creating a sense of belongingness for the company since employees are aware of companies spending a huge sum of money on their growth
  5. Corporate training not only helps employees but also organization in doing skill mapping and succession planning
  6. It aligns the employee’s performance with company’s goals and visions
  7. Reduces attrition
  8. Attracts candidates and helps in recruitment of right talent
  9. Holistic development of the company and it’s people

Corporate Training Programs

An organization has different departments and deals with variety of human thus has diverse training needs. They might be completely restricted to on-the-job training or a training for holistic development of employees. Hence, there are different types of corporate trainings. Few of them are quoted below-

  1. Job specific training- These trainings are related to the specific training courses needed to perform the specific kind of job role and responsibility. For example- customer support people might need chat process training or sales person can have negotiation training.
  2. Must haves training- these trainings are based on the needs of complete development of an individual. For example- training on soft skills, interpersonal skills, time management
  3. Leadership training- these trainings are specifically designed for the leaders of the organization to help them in skill mapping, talent mapping, strategic thinking and stakeholder management
  4. Emotional Intelligence- It is important that one is aware of other’s and one’s own emotions and knows how to channelize them in the right way. Understanding the difference between sympathy and empathy is important. Hence, this training helps with EI component creating self-management and emotional awareness elements
  5. Stress Management- balancing work and personal life isn’t easy and we see many employees suffering to cope up with stress. This training helps employees to better manage stress and enjoy their work life
  6. Employees wellness- Post covid, the need of employee’s wellness has arrived and it is highly important for the companies to do this training to ensure their employees are doing well and leading a good life.

Best part of the corporate training is its flexible behavior. There is no fixed set of trainings but can always be modified according to the need of the organization. Corporate training, the right investment can help turn young professionals into tomorrow’s top leaders!

Inesha Aggarwal

Corporate Trainer || Facilitator || Soft skill trainer || SHRM, CPD, HRCI certified from Protouch || HR Generalist ||


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