Soft Skill Training, Need of an Hour

Soft Skill Training, Need of an Hour
Inesha Aggarwal
Corporate Trainer || Facilitator || Soft skill trainer || SHRM, CPD, HRCI certified from Protouch || HR Generalist ||

“People forget what you tell them but they never forget how you make them feel.”

All our life, we run after scoring a top-notch grade in class Tenth, dream of passing twelfth with flying colors and idealize one college where we want to go. We want to have a certain degree and a desired job in our dreamy company. We leave no stone unturned to get high scoring grades and possess the skills required to qualify for the course or the job. But now the new era is shifting the industry from hard skills to soft skills. Our education system doesn’t cover soft skill training at all. Focus is drifting from measurable skills to intangible skills. Industries are now seeking people who not only have good grades but also, know how to communicate and behave with peers. One of the must haves in the job description of every company starting from a budding start-up to well established multi national company is “Good interpersonal skills” or “sound soft skills.”

Soft Skill Training

Soft skills cannot be measured in numbers or units but can directly impact a company’s performance. You can spend years in a company with your tangible skills but to grow you need to have strong command on your soft skills. It is believed that words only hold 3% of retention power but body language holds 97% space. They are the core values needed to sustain and rule the world.

Some of the components of soft skills are-

Communication skills

Team work

Time management

Interpersonal skills

Eye for details




Problem solving attitude

Soft Skills

Post covid, the importance of soft skills has significantly increased. People want to be in a culture which is empathetic, healthy and balanced. 

Communication skills are needed to communicate effectively. It is one of the stepping stone towards the success. One who is not able to communicate clearly stands no chance in the market

Eye for detail can assist one in looking for the minutest of details and increase one’s efficiency

“Every minute counts” -Consider every minute a diamond and one will never lose it. If one utilizes and manages the time well, then one will have a beautiful necklace of diamonds or will end up losing them. A man who can plan the day well, knows how to have a balanced lifestyle and increased productivity

“Change is the only constant”- one needs to be creative and have that fresh blood running to stay updated in the market. 

Life is a race with hurdles all the way but one should know how to cross them without falling down. Having problem solving attitude is a must. 

Interpersonal skills are like salt in the relationship. It is important to have them in a balanced way. If you are not aware of how to respect oneself and others, keep one’s points well and show empathy in the life, one starts losing onto the integral values of the relationship.

The new demand is the holistic development of the people to make them a culturally right fit. They are observing that people are lacking the basic communication skills, or are unable to plan their day well and there are increased number of conflicts. They need good leaders and not bosses. Hence, companies are now willing to invest in their employees and have started organizing soft skill training for employee’s development. From an ‘add-on’ to a ‘must-have’, the soft skills dynamic has changed.

-Inesha Aggarwal

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