How To Conduct Effective Corporate Training Programs

How To Conduct Effective Corporate Training Programs
Dr. Aparna Sethi
Corporate Trainer and Author

As a soft skills trainer, if you wish to conduct effective training programs, you must be able to identify the learning objectives appropriately.

Planning corporate training programs is one thing; conducting effective sessions is another! Your business and its industry are ever-evolving. Therefore, your employees need to evolve with it too. Being a trainer makes it pivotal for you to conduct beneficial and professional training courses so that every organization you visit can benefit from you. An effective training program must be comprehensive and conducted in a step-by-step process. As a trainer, if you are looking for ways to conduct the best training programs, read on!

When it comes to company success, employees are priority number one. That’s why organizations invest so much time and money in their workforce. They know that a well-trained and motivated workforce is the key to success. Protouch, with its trainer certification courses, can help you run successful training programs. You can become a certified soft skills trainer and enjoy an enriching career in an ever-growing field.

Step by Step Guide for Conducting Corporate Training Programs

Step-by-Step Guide for Conducting Corporate Training Programs

Step 1- Training Need Analysis

Step 2- Identify the Learning Objectives

Step 3- Design the Training Program

Step 4- Develop training material and training activities

Step 5- Conduct training

Step 5- Evaluate training

Understanding the goals of training is the prerequisite to creating and conducting an effective training program. Here are the most effective steps given below –

Assessing Needs of the Organization

It is important to assess the needs and strategies of the organizations. Along with assessing the needs of the organization, it is also crucial to determine the course of action appropriate for the goals. For example, you must always prepare the employees for future situations. Similarly, to conduct efficient training, observing and understanding the learning styles of employees is important.

Catering to the Age Group

Another important consideration is understanding the age group of employees and teaching adults like adults. As a trainer, if you sound like a teacher or boss around a lot, it might not impact the employees. They’re all adults and expect to be treated like adults. To make your training more effective, you must treat them respectfully and recognize the learning principles. These principles include self-directedness, goal orientation, the urge to be respected, and the desire to see what’s in store for them. Effective training programs include understanding and catering to the learners.

Formulating Learning Objectives

As a soft skills trainer, if you wish to conduct effective training programs, you must be able to identify the learning objectives appropriately. Protouch delivers one such ‘train the trainer’ program, enabling you to learn skillful strategies.

Once you have developed the learning objectives you’ll cover in your program, you must start with creating the content. One of the effective ways to create the content is to address queries with quizzes, games, case studies, tests, etc.

When formulating learning objectives, it should cover every aspect, meaning it should be clearly stated and applicable to all. In addition, it should also be achievable and tailor-made specifically for trainees.

Quality Content Creation

When you train a group of adults, you must create and design your programs in a way that can suit their learning styles. Therefore, while creating your content, here are a few things you must keep in mind –

● Development is key. You must remember that you must develop first before you move on to the next step.
● Focus on what’s important rather than what’s easy. The learning objective of the employees and the organization is important to consider while preparing your content.
● Make the program’s content interesting by integrating group activities, games, quizzes, case studies, discussions, etc.
● Make sure you create content that caters to the age group of employees.
● It is vital to allow employees to interact and speak. If not, it may not be easy to analyze whether the employees are interested or not.
● Ensure that your program is designed in a logical manner and has a good flow.
● Try the skill of storytelling and creating scenarios
● For adults, one of the best ways to impart successful lessons and courses is by discussion and talking in groups. Make use of this strategy profusely in your program.
● Teaching employees the importance and effective tactics of time management, teamwork, presence of mind, and conflict resolution is imperative. Make sure you have a separate module focusing on these skills.

At Pro Touch, you can enroll in their soft skills training courses that will hone your training skills and teach you the strategies of imparting the lessons to others.

Trainer Certification

Prepare your Training Materials

Once you have the learning objectives and design in mind, it won’t be difficult for you to develop your materials. Nonetheless, you must know that developing quality, attractive, and interactive teaching materials is important.

Some of your teaching materials can include eLearning, training manuals, presentations, GDs (Group Discussions), job aids, workbooks, online materials, etc.

Implementing Effective Training

When you are on the verge of implementing your lesson plans and conducting training, it is better to explain the ground rules and convey your expectation. Also, ensure the scheduling, technology, and printing materials are all in check before starting out. Also, it would be best if you gave plenty of time to your employees in advance to prepare.


For any training program, evaluation is key! Without evaluating your program after it’s ended, you will never know how effective the training was. You can conduct training programs, think you did a great job, and leave. But what about learning how efficient you were? For this reason, all corporate training programs require adequate evaluation. Effective evaluation includes four levels –

● What were the reactions of the employees to the program?
● What was the actual learning experience of the employees?
● Did the learner imbibe the learning program?
● What was the post-learning attitude of the learners?
● Has the business goal been reached?

Final Thoughts

An effective corporate training program is a prerequisite in every company today. Protouch can be your go-to organization to learn the techniques and useful strategies for conducting proficient training programs by enrolling in our “train the trainer” programs and trainer certification courses. Creating an entire training program requires collecting data, information, planning, collaboration, etc. Therefore, Protouch can help you with their tailor-made corporate training programs if you wish to be a skilled and certified soft skills trainer.

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